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Rachel Graciously Provided Us With Her Biography:

I first became interested in magic a little bit later in life than most people. I was about 17 years old and a little boy of about 8 did a silk vanish with a thumb tip and baffled me and I tormented the life out of him until he told me how he did it!!!
I began to play around with the basics of magic for a few years and was later working for a large corporation in the UK when I decided to pursue my hobby a little bit further and made an application to join the magic club in Manchester (THE ORDER of THE MAGI). I recall doing a simple card effect, a dice matrix and a color changing deck; I think and then holding my breathe outside for 20 mins whilst they made up their minds if I should be admitted or not. I recall that one of the interviewers was Derek Lever the organizer of the famous Blackpool Convention in England (over 3000 attendees). Thankfully they accepted me and I spent the next few years attending lectures and conventions and acquiring a more in-depth knowledge of the art.

I had risen through the ranks at the company I worked for and had a nice prestigious position when the company asked for people to volunteer for downsizing, my bosses were not happy to let me go but as the company was controlled by the unions back then everyone had the right to apply and also to receive a tax free golden handshake. I had been performing close-up magic at parties and events during these years as a sideline but knew that that was not necessarily the direction I wanted to travel in.

I had secret grand plans in mind. I decided this was the one chance I would probably have in life to make a huge gamble and that's exactly what I did. My plan was to open a magic shop but things were not about to be that simple. I lived in the small market town of Stockport (buildings and streets still in the same way they were when it was established in the year 1200). Nice piece of trivia here, the church and the old cobbled streets are featured in the 1979 movie Yanks starring Richard Gere.

However when I applied to open a shop in the market place I was told that first I would have to ply my trade on the outside market and establish a clientele before I could apply for an indoor store. so my grand dreams equated into me pitching svengali decks outside on a small market stall in the dead of winter freezing my #@**% off !

Anyhow after a year or so I had increased the number of effects I was pitching and had a great clientele and they gave me the option to open an indoor store. I was over the moon, 2 inches shorter from huddling in the cold and a face frozen from the ice and snow so that I looked like I had had too much Botox!

I had realized after seeing many lectures by Americans that there was very little American magic in the UK at that time and so I started to travel over to the US to buy American magic to sell over in the UK.

After travelling to the US a number of times I began to apply to do some US conventions as by this time I had starting manufacturing my own line of handcrafted wood products that were selling extremely well in the shop.
In 1998 I made another huge decision to move to the US permanently and establish myself there as I loved the mentality that the Americans have toward magic; they really are the best audiences in the world.

I established Wild Magic in 1999 in the US (Wild was my maiden name) and began dealing at numerous conventions all over America and all over the world. After a couple of years I got back into close-up performing as well as dealing and then began lecturing on the art of magic.

Another big change occurred in 2006 when I and a gentleman I had known since the very early 90's decided to tell each other how we had felt about one another for a number of years. In December 2006 Aldo Colombini and I were married in Italy and finally ended a very long wait that we had had to be together and that is when the real magic in my life began. Now we share our lives, our love and our own personal magic together bringing magic to those we perform to.

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