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All of these E-Books are in the public domain. Just click on the title, and the .pdf file will open in a new window. If by chance you have Speech Recognition (talk to your computer) or Text-To-Speech software, then just let the computer read them to you.



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A Conjurer's Confession
By M. Robert-Houdin

A Magician's Tour, Up and Down and Round about the Earth: Being the Life
By Harry Kellar
Published 1890

Chymical Natural and Physical Magic
By George William, Septimus Piesse
Published 1858

Houdini's Paper Magic: The Whole Art of Performing with Paper, Including Paper Tearing, Paper Folding and Paper Puzzles
By Harry Houdini
Published 1922

Magic: Stage Illusions and Scientific Diversions, Including Trick Photography
By Albert Allis Hopkins, Henry Ridgely Evans
Published 1901

Memoirs of Robert-Houdin
Written by himself~Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin
Translated by Frederick Charles Lascelles Wraxall
Published 1859

Mind-Power; The Secret of Mental Magic
By William Walker Atkinson
Published 1912

Miracle Mongers and Their Methods
By Harry Houdini
Published 1920

Modern Magic, A Practical Treatise on the Art of Conjuring By Prof. Hoffmann
By Angelo John Lewis, Louis Hoffmann
Published 1877

New Era Card Tricks
By August Roterberg, L. R. Gossett
Published 1897

Parlour Magic
By Parlour Magic
Published 1853

Spirit Slate Writing and Kindred Phenomena
By Chung Ling Soo, William E. Robinson
Published 1898

The Art of Magic
By T. Nelson Downs
Published 1909

The Lives of The Conjurors
By Thomas Frost
Published 1876

The Old and The New Magic
By Henry Ridgely Evans
Published 1906

The Place of Magic in the Intellectual History of Europe
By Lynn Thorndike
Published 1905

The Secrets of Stage Conjuring
By Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin
Published 1881

The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin
By Harry Houdini
Published 1908

Twentieth Century Magic and the Construction of Modern Magical Apparatus
By Nevil Monroe Hopkins
Published 1898